2012 Ticket Checker

London 2012 is all over :( I hope the ticket checker helped you score some memorable days out at the Olympics. Until next time! Ben :)

DONATIONS! - I've set up a JustGiving page for the British Paralympic Association. If you wish, please direct any beer/coffee funds there, I'm sure they'll make better use of it! :)

How To Use

Use the lists below to search for the events you are interested in, and add them to the tracker using the + button. (If this is the first time you've visited, the events list is pre-populated so you can get a feel for how it works).

Set your alert options, then sit back and wait for a notification to come through. (Note: audio alerts only work on some browsers; IE9+, Firefox and Chrome, and won't work on iOS.)

When tickets become available via LOCOG, you'll get a notification, and you'll be able to see what category tickets there are. If you like what you see, click the link to go direct to the event page.

Read my ticket snagging tips below for extra help.

IMPORTANT: LOCOG's ticketing website seems to be heavily cached, which can cause ghost tickets to appear and sold-out tickets to appear available - but if you use the checker as a general alert tool you should be a step ahead of most other ticket hunters.

CAUTION: LOGOC's ticketing website sometimes 'upgrades' tickets to a higher category when you add them to your cart. This tends to happen when there are no lower category tickets left, but the option to buy them is. Double check those ZO001D didn't become ZO001A!

Some people have reported success by calling LOCOG's ticket sales number, which is 0844 847 2012, instead of trying to buy online.

Good luck and happy ticket hunting!

Tips For Snagging Tickets

One main problem I found when trying to buy tickets from the LOCOG site was that the checker would say ticket X is available, but there would be no option to add this to your cart. The LOCOG site is clearly MASSIVELY cached and load-balanced, but I found the following helped;

(1) When the checker tells you a ticket is available, open the link in a *DIFFERENT* browser. This should help you to partly get around the caching problem and should serve you up a fresh copy of the event listing - hopefully containing a buy link!

(2) If you keep getting the 'No tickets found' message when trying to checkout, keep trying - if some people don't finish checking out those tickets will become available again.

(3) If you completely miss a batch of sales, but have the tickets you want already in your basket, leave them in there and keep your login session alive using an automatic page refresher. If or when LOCOG put more tickets on sale you'll be ahead of the pack by already having the tickets in your basket.

(4) Use an automatic page monitor/checker/refresher on the checkout page (try the Check4Change add-on for Firefox) and monitor the 'No tickets found' text, get it to automatically refresh the page and notify you when that text changes - i.e. when new tickets are available. I managed to pick up some tickets using the method, as it must have gotten me to the front of the queue when LOCOG released a batch.

(5) Also try using the an automatic page monitor (again, like Check4Change) on the event pages to automatically refresh the categories and availability.

Sandy King ‏(@King_Pair0) has written a blog-post on how using the checker and the above tips, he managed to score a sub-£100 ticket to see Jessica Ennis (hopefully!) win Olympic gold in the evening AT004 session. Well worth a read.

Hope that helps folks, and best of luck! :)